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Podcast, what do you think?!.

Cogito, ergo sum

Jag tänker, därför är jag

I do think, therefore I am

René Descartes

Here I will present the guests and you will also find all the information about what happens in the podcast

New episodes of the podcast are posted every other Sunday, if nothing unforeseen happens!

Cogito ergo sum, "I do think, therefore I am" and it is our thoughts that rules our life.

Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf, TheOakLeaf from Sweden and guests from all over the world are going share their thoughts about everything between the earth and sky as ordinary life, life changing stories, the spiritual sphere and Natural Spirit a free way of living in connection with our heart.

Life and society today is based on the fact that we need a structure which includes money, somewhere to live, food and heat which is becoming increasingly difficult for many in today's society. But in the end everything depends basically on how we think, live and act in our lives and how far we can go in the pursuit of what is material.

By highlighting different angles around events that have changed our attitudes to a greater understanding and how we have changed our thoughts our lives.  Our chat will reflect the dimension and how different thoughts lead to different expressions, different ways of living and look at life. We may also talk about different tools we have used and use today for to help other.

In Natural Spirit there is a connection between the masculine and feminine power, the physical and mental, the soul and our higher self, Mother Earth, the creator and the universe, which are in balance and synchronization and creates a completeness.

In nature we have a Natural spirituality which in itself has an untouched spirituality that if it is allowed to be at peace is not affected by anything and is therefore constant and by staying in a natural spirituality it is easier to achieve that connection.

Natural spirit has no norms, follows no rules more than following the heart's signals to do to others in the way you yourself want to be treated in truth and love.

We all have different believes and we all have our own responsibility for what we are sharing in the podcast and I may not always agree with everything, but the important is to share what other want to share in love and respect for one and another.

Ellinor ends each podcast with a short drum meditation based on the energies after each chat.

With light and love Ellinor

Next guests in the podcast:

Ana Rebolledo Mexiko

Fabiola Aciacovelli Sweden

Listen to Anna

Sunday the 31th of October, 2021 Anna Wynja Lindman from Sweden an artist, teacher of Vedic art and working with animal communication talks about problems that can arise from standing in the shadow of a famous profile and how she has handled it throughout her life.

Vedicart by Anna

Listen to Rebekka

Sunday the 17th of October, 2021, Rebekka Sørli from Norway arel talking about some issues and what difficulties she did go thru in one point of her life and how she stood up for herself in a difficult situation until today and the world of the drum.

Heart shaman

Listen to Beathe

Sunday the 3rd of October, 2021, you can Listen to Same, Sjamanhealer Beathe Johansen from Norway tell her story with some problems in her childhood when she turned to animals and nature until today when she works with healing activities in different ways.

Sjamanhealer Beathe Johansen

Listen to Suzzie

Oh my gosh time is running out and it was a while ago that I posted an episode of the podcast which was actually due to my computer broke.

But now we are up and running again and in tonight's episode we have with us a guest from Sweden who works as a wild rehabilitation for small wild animals and she is the founder of the Small house for wild animals, Wildlife intensive care and rehab in Sweden, Suzzie Golden Owl Engström

Suzzie website facebook

Listen to Eirik på norska och svenska

Listen to Eirik in English

In this podcast my gest is Eirik Myrhaug from Norway, Sami, healer and shaman. He is one of the initiators of the Arctic Shaman Circle. We talk about different events in Eirik's life and he is the only one I have encountered in the Nordics who has shamans in his family.

The speech is also available in English.

Eiriks website

Hege Dalen

Listen to Nina

Nina Alida Nordbø has worked as a journalist for over 30 years when she jumped off and into something unknown or did she maybe jumped into the known, who knows.... listen and you will know.

She grew up with western nature, partly on my grandparents' farm in Ryfylke and partly in the heaths from Stavanger, she is a forest walker and are often on the move outside in the forest trails.

Ninas website

Listen to Francis

From being a boxer and rugby player to becoming a natural healer

Francis Joy talks about his life and changes, he is a versatile man and has researched the history of war and various alternative methods and philosophies.

Originally from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, I have worked as an Holistic Body Therapist since 1997, after graduation from the City of Bath College with a diploma awarded by the International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapists and the Association of Reflexologists in London,  for my studies. Since this time, I have worked extensively with a focus on addiction and emotional and spiritual healing and well-being, in relation to the effects of addiction upon the body.

Francis website

Listen to Hege

Hege Dalen from Norway tells about her way back to natural spirituality, the Norwegian mountains and about the missionaries who almost 300 years ago were in the area where she grew up. 

on FB Aahkansnjurhttjie: Kjerringtinden - protect sacred mountains 

She is also the coordinator of the organization Arctic Shaman Circle

Listen to Monica

Monica Seldahl medium and healer tells about her path and when she as a little girl saw those who were dead and her mother got really angry!

Monica gives a special offer for a channeling, which means that she contacts loved ones on the other side to provide guidance and healing.

Until 31 January 2021 500 SEK regular price 600 SEK

You can connect and book a session with Monica via Messenger through this link

Listen to Julia

Julia Lundin The Spirit Nomad from England is talking about how she from a employed at googles suddenly waked up to here own power for to create a life of freedom and step into here purpose and passion.

A few years ago she quit here office job to travel the world (50 countries so far!), whilst working from here laptop.

And that was here best decision ever.

The Spirit Nomad

Listen to Philip

This is an historical event where Phillip B Gottfredson from North America is sharing his over twenty years journey for to find an important peace of the Native Americans history in Utah.

He is the author of the best-seller book “My Journey to Understand ... Black Hawk`s Mission of Peace ” that was released 2019.

"He didn't just write about them. He lived with them. He found the truth."

Here you can buy the book Websiteblackhawkproductions

Listen to Chris

Sunday the 8 of November

Chris Nicolson from Scotland will share his story about his up growing in a cult and how he was ex communicated two times then he chose to go his own path. Today he works with to help other who have been in the same situation among a lot of other works as with crystals and orgonite and more.

Togheter with his partner Bebhinn Gallagher he does a live ceremoni and meditation every friday in the FB group

Planetary healing crystal grid group.

Listen to Ellinor

Sunday the 1 of November

Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf is talking a bit about some of here visions with messages that are important right now, tarot deck, how the drum came into here hands.

Listen to Jemma

Sunday the 25 of October our guest will be Jemma Leora Hewitt she will share here path, here changing, here living in other countries and also about a special connection to stones in one point in here life.

You can follow Jemma on instagram


Listen to Tiffany talk about Human Design

Listen to Tiffany talk about from being a stressed lawyer to a peaceful intuitive healer

Tiffany Stephens from Scotland is  a Light Bringer, Soul Healer, Truth Seeker and Way Shower.

Sunday the 11 of October she are going to tell about Human Deisgn one of the tools that she works with. The 18 of October  she will share parts of her personal journey from being a stressed lawyer to a peaceful intuitive healer and personal coach that provides tools for self-empowerment.

Today she works with healing and spiritual arts.

Tiffanys website