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Workshop in spinning

Workshop, learn to spin linen on a spinning wheel and for difference in your life

In addition to being a workshop in learning to spin linen on a spinning wheel, it is a workshop for the whole, a way to expand oneself!

At the workshop, you will learn how to spin in linen on a spinning wheel and how to weave a dream catcher. We will do exercises and meditations for relaxation to get more energy and focus on what is important to us in life.

It will be sociable by the fire with good food in peace and quiet in a pleasant environment close to nature.

This is how I think the course itself will go!

Imagine sitting in a quiet room or outdoors near a forest where the birds are having a concert and the wind is blowing in the leaves!

In front of you you have a spinning wheel and you will soon learn how it works, you will feel the incredibly wonderful feeling when the linen is gently pulled between your fingers and transformed into your life thread while the wheel spins its song for you!

You are rocked slowly into your own world and into your own rhythm where you and the spinning coat are in symbiosis and you feel how you relax more and more while the wheel spins on.

When you have finished spinning your life thread, gently unwound it from the spinning wheel.

Then you go to a hazel or some other suitable tree that grows near the yard and ask to take a twig then you bend the twig into a circle tie it together and start weaving the dream of your own life!

If you feel compelled to learn to spin and weave your own life dream in the form of dream catchers or if you want to arrange a course where you live, you are warmly welcome to send your request for information and cost suggestions via the contact form below.

In the past, people spun with the help of drop spindles and in the 15th century the spinning wheel came to Scandinavia in the form of a pedal model. For me, it is important to use natural materials as well as to preserve ancient cultures and to perform things in traditional ways. And spinning on a spinning wheel makes me come down into myself and find my own rhythm, Ellinor Eklöf course leader.

Obs. max number of participants 5 people

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We prefer to be alcohol and drug-free during the course period, completely switched off mobile phones are appreciated. You participate at your own personal risk and please read through ethical guidelines and policies


Many years ago I went to the Sacred Valley of Peru and in the village of Pisac, I was invited to demonstrate how to spin a spinning wheel at an exhibition for the indigenous people and here I spin with Alpaca.

It was a great interest and also the mayor who stands behind me in the lower picture and who thought it was restful to look.