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Work with drum

Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf is a Spiritual musician who sings inspired songs from the Creator and dynamic drumming from Mother Earth with healing power!

Healing power!

Ellinor works with a deep immersive concept where tone and vibration go down to the depths to cleanse the body and energy body from mental & physical blockages. The session ends with the replenishment of light light energy that leads to a healing of body and soul wounds.

Cleansing of the body leads for most people to clearer thoughts, more power and energy and that some physical ailments are improved.

The drum is an instrument that has been used for thousands of years for healing activities and for contact with the spirit world.

The American musician Layne Redmond has through many years of research found that a few thousand years ago it was the female priestesses who played drums around the Mediterranean.

Drum seance!
A different session where drumming and singing invite the spirit world to give a message to those who need it.

Drum Meditation
With the help of the drum and toning, you are guided to release tension and achieve relaxation, which gives you more power and energy, individually and in groups.

Private sessions!
Physical and mental balancing with the help of the drum vibrations and the soft tones of the song.


Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf is an inspiring narrator who offers something different.

Experience a concert with spiritual dynamic drumming and singing interspersed with stories from life performed with humor and love.

It is today scientifically proven that the drum and its vibrations have a positive effect on different levels in our body!

Private sessions 700:-SEK/person, regarding groups send a request for price information!