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Work with drum

Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf is a Spiritual musician who sings inspired songs from the Creator and dynamic drumming from Mother Earth with healing power!

Healing power!

Ellinor works with a deep immersive concept where tone and vibration go down to the depths to cleanse the body and energy body from mental & physical blockages. The session ends with the replenishment of light light energy that leads to a healing of body and soul wounds.

Cleansing of the body leads for most people to clearer thoughts, more power and energy and that some physical ailments are improved.

The drum is an instrument that has been used for thousands of years for healing activities and for contact with the spirit world.

The American musician Layne Redmond has through many years of research found that a few thousand years ago it was the female priestesses who played drums around the Mediterranean.

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Drum seance!
A different session where drumming and singing invite the spirit world to give a message to those who need it.

Drum Meditation
With the help of the drum and toning, you are guided to release tension and achieve relaxation, which gives you more power and energy, individually and in groups.

Private sessions!
Physical and mental balancing with the help of the drum vibrations and the soft tones of the song.

One and a half hour 1200 SEK/person. per timecash on site otherwise three days before via Swish or PayPal


Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf is an inspiring narrator who offers something different.

Experience a concert with spiritual dynamic drumming and singing interspersed with stories from life performed with humor and love.

Sound healing, soul healing!

Is your body in sync with your heart or do you feel stressed, pressured in imbalance and feel that you would just like to lie down and pull the blanket over your head.

If you need a de-stressing, relaxing and healing moment, then I have something for you.

A new and unique concept with light, drum and toning, an experience beyond the ordinary that gives peace, power and energy to mind, body and soul.

Private sessions SEK 700 / person, unless otherwise stated, regarding groups send a request for price information!

Sound healing, soul healing!

Ellinor wanted to try something on me. And I answered ok, when it was time I was very tired and had no desire.

I have never participated in something like this before, it has not really been my thing and I did not know what to expect.

Came into the room and saw that she had built a room in the room that looked very inviting. Had to lie down on a mattress with a blanket over me and it was like crawling into a cocoon I felt cherished.

She starts with her drum, Vibrates in the body, listens to the drum, feels a calm appear. The thoughts fly their way can not concentrate me and after a while I become completely relaxed.

Then she raises her voice a little, you wake up and start listening again after a while I feel calm and relaxed again. Afterwards I am so relaxed that I can barely get up from the mattress. An enormous feeling of calm appears, but after about half an hour I feel that I have an enormous energy and I am alert, I who am otherwise tired at night.

The feeling you get is difficult to describe in words.

Truly something that everyone should try.

Britt-Marie Grönholm Eklöf



Had a hard time behind me where even 2 years ago a check in the infamous wall was a fact. To get out on your own on such a thing with family and friends, acquaintances etc. who do not really understand unfortunately means that even the spare battery breathes and warns of termination from time to time. The belief in myself ended up in the shoe shafts. The hopelessness that has not existed in my world before has taken root in my mind. I have been one who thinks that "everything can be solved and what cannot be solved only takes a little longer". And this hopelessness is not a fun feeling to get and it feels difficult to get rid of all the adversity that has hailed and you feel that nothing goes your way.

Have for some time felt that I need help and have also sought it .. Not with any major success.

But ...Got phone number from a friend and decided to contact this lady. Call her to see if she might be the one I am looking for and if there is any hope of getting the help I feel I need. I still hear her brief words on the phone - "We have to see each other and it's urgent"

Said and done, I met Ellinor.

Have now tried a session with her. She did not say much but still it feels like I got a lot of info and help. Her drums and singing made me come down in circles again, which I now try hard to keep myself in. My feeling of Ellinor is that she is a straight and honest person in what she does. Very straightforward in what she says and she knows her stuff. A person I highly recommend to visit and I look forward to our paths crossing a lot in the future.

A big warm hug in the winter darkness Majsan