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The Oak Leaf center, one of Sweden's smallest alternative and holistic centers, has its seat in a scenic environment in Roslagen's embrace in Lohärad parish and on the small farm in Ekdalen in a circle of trees ehere it is a natural spirituality.

Here at TheOakLeaf center, we live in synchronization with animals and nature in the old-fashioned way with a touch of the present. It includes the natural spiritual space and we use the resources that nature offers. We cook inside on a wood stove or outside over an open fire if the weather allows.

Living that way has its own natural healing power and in addition to all the other tools that TheOakLeaf offers for guidance, counseling for healing, we offer animals and nature experiences.

Are you looking for change in your life, answers to questions, help with solving problems, help with physical and mental problems or getting out of a stressful life!

Here you are :

Spiritual guidance


Pain relief through healing power

Advice on how to deal with stress


Meditative relaxing music.

Spirit Cáfe

The company has a wide range of services and a solid foundation based on personal experience, alternatives and scientific methods.

Let yourself be inspired by renewed thoughts and values.

Here you have the opportunity to tailor packages and events.

Since the beginning of the 90's, Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf has worked as a guide, inspirer and motivator and over time as a lecturer, intuitive spiritual musician, drummer, balancing physical and mental problems with the drum, stress coach, and author etc.

In 2008, she established the TheOakLeaf