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What do you think?!.

Welcome to the podcast

Cogito, ergo sum

Jag tänker alltså existerar jag

I do think so I do exist

René Descartes

Here I will introduce the guests and  this is a link to the podcasts

Cogito ergo sum; Is Latin and it means, I do think so I do exist and our thoughts is what rules our lives.

What do you think?!. Is a podcast where Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf TheOakLeaf from Sweden will tell here story and she also invite guests from all over the world to a small chat. We are going to chat about everything between the earth and sky as ordinary life, life changing stories, the spiritual sphere and Natural Spirit a free way of living in connection with our heart.

Ellinor ends each podcast with a short drum meditation based on the energies after each chat.

Life and society today is based on the fact that we need a structure which includes money, somewhere to live, food and heat which is becoming increasingly difficult for many in today's society. But in the end everything depends basically on how we think, live and act in our lives and how far we can go in the pursuit of what is material.

By highlighting different angles around events that have changed our attitudes to a greater understanding and how we have changed our thoughts our lives.  Our chat will reflect the dimension and how different thoughts lead to different expressions, different ways of living and look at life. We will also talk about different tools we have used and use today for to help other.

In Natural Spirit there is a connection between the masculine and feminine power, the physical and mental, the soul and our higher self, Mother Earth, the creator and the universe, which are in balance and synchronization and creates a completeness.

In nature we have a Natural spirituality which in itself has an untouched spirituality that if it is allowed to be at peace is not affected by anything and is therefore constant and by staying in a natural spirituality it is easier to achieve that connection.

Natural spirit has no norms, follows no rules more than following the heart's signals to do to others in the way you yourself want to be treated in truth and love.

In connection with our chat some of us will give you a special offer of any of our services or if we have something to sell..

With light and love Ellinor

On Sundays, podcasts are posted


Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf, TheOakLeaf

Next Sunday the first of November, among other things, I will talk about my tarot cards and how the drum ended up in my hand.

Here you can see Tiffanys special offer to you and it lasts until 31 October 2020

Option 1 is to receive an Energy Report for reduced price of £11 with every live Inner Authority Reading(package £77)

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This is a very generous offer and you can book an appointment via the link below her own website

Tiffanys website

Tiffany Stephens from Scotland is  a Light Bringer, Soul Healer, Truth Seeker and Way Shower.

Sunday the 11 of October she are going to tell about Human Deisgn one of the tools that she works with. 

The 18 of October  she will share parts of her personal journey from being a stressed lawyer to a peaceful

intuitive healer and personal coach that provides tools for self-empowerment. 

Over the years she has put herself through intense periods of personal enquiry to fully know herself during the time she has gained much experience self development, self empowerment and life transformation.

There is nothing  that she practice or teach that she has not experienced herself.

Today she works with healing and spiritual arts.

Tiffanys website

Sunday the 25 of October our guest will be Jemma Leora Hewitt she will share here path, here changing, here living in other countries and also about a special connection to stones in one point in here life.

You can follow Jemma on instagram Pocketfulofstardust

Some of the guests that will participate in the future.


Chris Nicolson, Scotland

Bebhinn Gallagher, Scotland

Julia Lundin, Sweden

Monica Seldahl, Sweden

Hege Dalen, Norway

Philip Gottfredson, North America

Vico Ramos, Peru

Maria Blanco Berglund, Peru 


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