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Spirit Café

Spirit Café retreat located at TheOakLeaf center an oasis in Roslagen is a new and unique concept of retreat with the little extra

A retreat for you as an adult and who needs a moment of relaxation in tranquilityand silence but with that little extra.

Here you get a lecture about what it is like to live in simplicity and closeness to animals and nature. We prepare the food together before you find your place to in contemplation recover power from nature's loving healing energies that give your body, your mind and your soul a moment of peace and quiet.

As an extra spice, the day ends with a founding exercise and a drum meditation that provides continued power, clarity and energy.

Spirit café is not like other cafés, it is so much more, it is only open some days and you need to book your place well in advance, there is only one offer on the menu usually soup, dessert and coffee or tea.

Menu on Saturday 12th of June

Main course lentil soup, toast topped with spring onion butter, water

Dessert, coffee or tea yogurt ice cream on the farm eggs

Maximum number of participants max 7

Lördag den 12 juni 2021 11.00- 15.00 Cost 1200: -/person, you book via the form below no later than 10 June and after payment you will receive a confirmation that you have your space

Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf established Spirit Café 2019