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Every Sunday a new part will be posted and the first Sunday every month I will do solo and the other Sundays you will meet our guests.

The red links will lead you to the podcasts

Listen to Ellinor IsaDeRoss EKlöf 

This is the first podcast in What do you think where I Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf, TheOakLeaf introduce myself and tell a little bit of my path. In the 80 there was not anybody in the official system that worked with behavior therapy.

Listen to a chat with Tiffany Stephens 

Tiffany Stephens from Scotland is a Light Bringer, Soul Healer, Truth Seeker and Way Shower, in this podcast we will to talk about Human Design one of the tools that she works with.

Listen to From a stressed lawyer to an intuitiv healer

In this podcast our guest from Scotland Tiffany Stephens a Light Bringer, Soul Healer, Truth Seeker and Way Shower will share parts of her personal journey from being a stressed lawyer to be a peaceful intuitive healer and personal coach that provides tools for self-empowerment.

Listen to Jemma a special connection to stones

Jemma Leora Hewitt she will share here path, here changing, here living in other countries and also about a special connection to stones in one point in here life.

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