The Circle of Light and Love!

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Education provides knowledge;

Knowledge provides possibilities;

Possibility provides creation;

Creation provides power;

Power provides durability.


Ellinor Isa De Ross Eklöf

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The Circle of

Light and Love!

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Cirkeln av

Kärlekens Ljus!

The Circel of Light and Love!


Vägledning och healing med Monica Seldahl


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Suzzie GoldenOwl Engström

Wildlife Rehabilitator.


Kurs i Vedic art med konstnär Gunilla Löfgren


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The Oak Leaf


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The Circle of Light and Love beside the healing fire!


I invite you to the Circle where we togheter will work for to strengthen the feminine, caring and loving force, which for a long time been in oppressionand which now needs to be in balance with the masculine.


Since I was a little girl, I have got visions and information from the spirit world of what would happen in the future. Some of it I tried to give back, I didn´t want it, the most of it was frightening and unpleasant. It ended up with that I repressed it, I was not able to have it in my mind, I did put into a part of my brain. During my life, sometimes it has tried to break through again but I did press it back in my mind. Today I see traces of that the visions is coming true and that the information is needed to be used. Some of the information I received, I did not pressed back, and today I can understand why.


A couple of the most important information I have got has been coming through the animals and the most prominent has been the Raven. The information I got about the Raven was that it would disappear and so has happened and if it would come back again, we the people would have the opportunity to influence and help Mother Earth to heal and to prevent further destruction of the remains of animals and nature. So I waited and as you have noticed, the ravens are becoming more visible, every day the Ravens are flying over my house, so they tell me that it's time.


Right now, we are in a phase of strong transition to a higher and brighter energy flow than ever before. More and more people are waking up to see that there is another way to live than chasing the material standard. In meetings with other people that have changed and had the courage to follow their inner guide to a different life, it is easier to believe what is happening. It is easier to believe that we can change and influence everything that happens, we can change what is heavy to something light and loving and it will be more powerful if we do it together.


This will reinforce other work that already going on around the world such as Standing Rock that are fighting for no more digging of oil and Dine (Navajo) on Black Meza in Arizona who work for that a large coal company should put down their work with the mining of coal and many others who are struggling all over the earth, for what it happen elsewhere in the world affects us no matter where we live.


We will change the energies by using tone, vibration, song and prayers beside the healing fire, which helps to transmit the loving and light energies that will expand out into the universe and add itself as a healing power of Mother Earth.


By the fire, you will learn how to work with and strengthen your spiritual energies, your breathing, and to grounding yourself etc.


During these days there will be lectures on various topics, you will be able to book you for guidance, there will be music, drum meditation, yoga, ceremonies and rituals etc.


Are you counselor or lecturer and are interested in participating during these days or if you want to volunteer during these days, write to me by filling out the contact form below and I will send more information!


So brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, children and grandchildren, grandparents, grandparents come and take a seat by the fire in the circle of light of love!


I welcome you to come and take place in the circle of light of love!

Ellinor IsaDeRoss Eklöf



På The Oak Leaf center får du en möjlighet till en stund av sinnesro och vila för kropp och själ.


Vägledning med hjälp av alternativa, vetenskapliga samt nydanande tankar och metoder för att förändra ditt livsmönster.

Se din livssituation ur nya perspektiv, värdera och omvärdera din egen tid och finn ditt eget sätt att hantera olika situationer.

Förändra tankemönster och skapa förändring i din livssituation och i dina relationer.

Stärka din självkänsla, sätta upp mål och lära dig att fokusera samt att hitta lösningar på dina problem genom ökad medvetenhet och själv kännedom.


The Oak Leaf Center erbjuder, vägledning, utbildningar, föreläsningar, workshops, seminarier, resor mm. för livsförändring till ett hållbart drogfritt samhälle för framtida generationer.

Det är idag vetenskapligt bevisat att energier påverkar allt.


Musiker, talare och medium!

Ellinor Isa De Ross Eklöf är grundare av företaget och arbetar med energier på olika nivåer, hennes spjutspets kompetens är stresshantering.


Psychic, musician, lecturer!

Ellinor Isa The Eklöf Ross is the founder of the company and she is working with energies, her expertise is to manage stress



Carlos Alonso Alco;

Thanks for all your medicine Ellinor IsadeRoss Eklöf keep sharing all your healing music and all your wisdom with all the people around you . You can really heal with the power of the drum and your divine voice! Much love to you and all your family . Blessings !


Ulrika Dahlström;

Tack fantastiska Ellinor IsadeRoss Eklöf för alla gånger du haft rätt!

Dina insikter och våra långa underbara samtal som många gånger hjälpt mig i rätt riktning. Kan varmt rekommendera andra att göra samma sak. Sök upp Ellinor !


Ksessa Berlin;

Thank you so much for your beautiful soul! what a powerful warrior you are! I think of you so many times. The tarot reading you gave me became so true! Everything of it! and the healing with the drum was so amazing and beautiful. Thank you so much for your great work angel!!


Cat Smith

Thank you Ellinor for a very helpful reading, as always. I feel much clearer and calmer. I have had several readings with Oak Leaf and 2 sessions of past life regression therapy. Each time, the benefit has been great. I would recommend a treatment highly!

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